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CMA 3000 - All-in-One Field Tester

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The technology behind today’s telephone networks is more sophisticated than ever before. And new technologies are on the way. With the Anritsu CMA 3000 portable field tester for fixed and mobile access networks, everything you need is available in a single, convenient unit.

Today, offering new services is usually the best way to remain profitable in a highly competitive market. But new services often depend on new technologies. And that means dragging around yet another set of test and measurement equipment to keep everything running smoothly.

The Anritsu CMA 3000 is the first field tester to combine all the interfaces and technologies you need in a single, user-friendly unit. From SDH and PDH testing, to ATM and IP, GSM and UMTS testing - everything is right there at your fingertips. On most field testers, you first check a signal in one direction, and then reconfigure to check the signal in the other direction. But CMA 3000 lets you analyze signals both out and back at the same time and with all interfaces! That means problems are pinpointed faster, there is less network downtime, and field visits are much more efficient.

When combining as many test requirements as possible in a single unit, there’s always the danger of falling victim to the “Swiss Army Knife Syndrome” – which means everything is available, but nothing is particularly easy to use. However, by drawing on our years of hands-on experience, we’ve created an interface that is simpler to navigate than most websites! Using our high-contrast touch-screen display, field technicians can easily customize both set-up and result screens to fit their personal needs and work routines. And they can quickly switch between key screens without having to drill down through endless menus.

Not only is the CMA 3000 easier to use, its modular design provides a clear and cost-effective upgrade path. Thanks to our wide range of hardware and software options, including extra protocols and a diversity of technologies, the CMA 3000 will meet all your field-testing needs for many years to come.

The CMA 3000 also offers several transmission options, starting with intrusive testing (transmit and receive), passive monitoring (receive only) and moving on to Dual Transmit / Receive at E1 and at E3.


  • Efficiency and profitability go hand in hand
  • Effective maintenance
  • Better performance
  • Out-of-service installation testing
  • In-service troubleshooting and analysis
  • Signaling analysis

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