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MS2781B Signal Analyser - Signature

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Engineers developing the next generation of communications technology need test solutions that do more than just measure signals. New communications and modulation formats require powerful analysis capabilities. Engineers can optimize designs more efficiently when they have simulation and analysis tools integrated with their test equipment. Insight and discovery occur sooner when the instrument is easy to use. The Signature High Performance Signal Analyzer can help make tomorrow’s communication systems a reality today.

Signature brings performance signal analyzers to a new plateau. No other signal analyzer matches the spectrum analysis performance of Signature’s unique architecture. Simulation and analysis tools such as MATLAB® and Simulink® operate seamlessly with analyzer measurements in the first open Windows environment for a signal analyzer. Built-in “Smart” measurements and personalities for Phase Noise, WiMAX, WCDMA/HSDPA, and QAM/PSK Modulation Analysis ease measurements on complex signals. Engineers can now easily move between simulation, measurement and analysis to support development of new or proprietary communication systems.


  • Fundamentally mixed, single band architecture covers 100 Hz to 8 GHz.
  • Capture and analyze complex modulated signals with up to 50 MHz bandwidth.
  • Use the touch-screen display to perform “smart” measurements by pressing a single button on the front panel.
  • Access any function in the intuitive Windows XP Professional environment.

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