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Monitoring tasks in the outside plant often are tackled as isolated solutions. Modern systems have to consider the need of integration into an outside plant management network. Network reliability requirements due to an increasing amount of sensitive data traffic and the need to streamline the maintenance departments for reasons of economy lead to the request of preventive or pro-active maintenance for the communication infrastructure. Therefore monitoring systems for pressurized cables, insulation resistance, equipment alarms, security tasks and environmental conditions have to be intelligently incorporated.

The Unified Monitoring System from LANCIER integrates the different monitoring tasks and provides a flexible report routing and the interface to Network Management System (NMS).


  • Flexible solution
  • Fibre and Copper network monitoring
  • OTDR monitoring and power monitoring
  • Comprehensive Environmental Monitoring (temperature, humidity, pressure)
  • All measurement tasks can be handled by a single Remote Test Unit (RTU)
  • Fast & quick identification

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