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InLight Telecom - test system for Passive Optical Networks

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FTTH & PON test system offers a breakthrough technology to reduce the cost of installing and maintaining Next Generation Fibre Networks based on Passive Optical Network (PON) technologies. The Mechanized Fiber Test System is deployed at a central location and will test into the PON with the ability to map the whole network as it evolves and identify fibre faults on any part of the network including any leg in the PON. 

If you are planning to deploy a Next Generation Passive Optical Network, the cost of installation and maintenance can be very uncertain. Tie down and minimise your costs by installing the Inlight MFTS PON test system - with tests performed from a central location you cut the number of engineering visits to customer site and you have the ability to carry out preventative maintenance and at the lowest cost possible. 

The system’s OS/EMS can access multiple COs/Exchanges and delivers non-disruptive in-service testing for thousands of subscribers from its CO/Exchange based platform. Developed initially to reduce the labour and time required to deploy and commission a PON network, once the PON is commissioned, the InLight-MFT system provides ongoing and proactive monitoring of the fibre plant to insure that physical plant problems and degradations are quickly detected and do not affect subscriber service quality. When a network event or fault is detected in the fibre plant, InLight-MFT quickly identifies specific fault location and provides notification minimizing both maintenance cost and mean time to repair (MTTR).


  • MFTS in most cases pays for itself during the construction phase - Typical ROI < a year
  • Improves Installation & repair process - Continued lifecycle savings and payback
  • Automated test and trouble identification - Reduced labor and MTTR
  • it allows the ability to test remotely where access to the customer's location/facility isn't readily available
  • Intelligent dispatch – Avoid multiple & false dispatches - Fewer truck rolls
  • Service performance monitoring - Reduced trouble reporting
  • Record database maintenance - Automated, accurate recordkeeping
  • Capacity Planning - Real-time PON physical inventory
  • Accelerated roll out of services - Early Revenue
  • Better Customer care and service - Reduced Churn

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