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MT8510B Service Tester

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W-CDMA and GSM testing in 1 unit, capable of measuring major Tx/Rx parameters with 1 unit. Batch measurement via simple operations.

The MT8510B Service Tester is a primary failure diagnosis tester for mobile terminals conforming to second-generation (GSM) and third-generation (W-CDMA) communication systems. Mobile terminals, and mostly cellular phones, have become extremely popular and grown to be nearly indispensable for users.

Therefore, the importance of the role that after-sales service plays in mobile terminal reliability is growing day by day. The major benefits of the MT8510B are its simple operation, ensuring that expert knowledge about mobile terminals is not required. Automatic tests coverage of actual mobile terminal usage situations, and its support of network management via remote control.

The MT8510B can be used at any location related to the after-sales service of mobile terminals, ranging from cellular phone sales offices (service points) to repair/adjustment sites (service centers).


  • Supports 2 communication systems: W-CDMA and GSM. Also capable of supporting an expanded W-CDMA frequency band in the future.
  • Capable of executing an end-to-end communication test between a cellular phone and non-wireless handset by installing the W-CDMA/GSM Voice Codec Option∗2.
  • Capable of executing Intersystem Handover control from W-CDMA to GSM.

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