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Anritsu’s internally ruggedized Site Master microwave assemblies combine excellent phase and amplitude stability with an integrated environmental protection system for reliable, repeatable measurements over a long service life. Designed for field service, Site Master assemblies have exceptional durability while remaining lightweight and flexible. Anritsu Site Master microwave test assemblies combine the electrical advantages of expanded PTFE dielectric with an integrated environmental protection system. These ruggedized assemblies offer excellent durability. Site Master microwave test assemblies are the cost-effective solution to various general-purpose test applications. The assemblies compliment the performance of your Site Master system by guaranteeing performance will not degrade due to inferior assemblies.

Site Master assemblies are highly flexible, yet do not suffer from the typical performance degradation associated with flexing semi-rigid and traditionally designed flexible assemblies. The internally ruggedized design allows for a 1 in. (2.5 cm) minimum bend radius without affecting cable performance. Springback is virtually zero. Phase and amplitude stability are essential for accurate measurements. Performance of these assemblies allows you to make accurate and repeatable measurements while reducing the time required to perform calibrations between measurements.


  • Torque Resistant
  • Crush Resistant: 250 lb/linear inch
  • Tight Bend Radius (minimum 1 in/2.54 cm)
  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Abrasion Resistant
  • Chemically Inert and Resistant
  • Lightweight Fiber Braided Jacket
  • High Connector Pull Strength

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