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Telepresence Robot

Telepresence Robots allow users to interact with people and environments at distance. They can be used in Education and in Business, Disabled access and Health Care and Security Systems.


See the latest Mantarobot Video Presentation at Telepresence robots allow users to attend meetings and visit remote offices without actually travelling to the location. Using a computer with a broadband link users can control the robot and interact with people at distant locations with the great added advantage that the robot can move around the office space or factory. Travel costs are rising and telepresence robots offer a way to reduce costs and save time. Mantarobot has a range of uses beyond attending meetings: Sales & Customer Service, Healthcare Services, Inspection, Security, Theatres Art Galleries & Museums, Retail, Education, Personal protection

TeleMe Mantarobot

The MantaroBot™ TeleMe TelePresence Robot is a mobile platform where you can plug in your o ...


Mantarobot makes its UK television debut at 8am Christmas Eve in the Cool Stuff Collective on CIT ...

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