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If you are deploying Next Generation Fibre Networks, you need to find faults quickly and easily with minimum cost. You can radically reduce running costs by deploying a PON or Remote Fiber Test System. These offer fibre network monitoring at the physical layer to speed up fault finding, service restoration and enable preventative maintenance.

We have two solutions for fibre monitoring:

The first is the Mechanized Fibre Test System (MFTS) from InLight Telecom designed to monitor point to point links and crucially the latest deployment of Passive Optical Networks - PONs used for Fiber To The Home and other FTTx networks that use optical splitters.

The second is the Unified Monitoring System from Lancier Monitoring that combines monitoring of fibre cables with monitoring of copper cables and Outside Plant facilities.

PON Tester

PON Tester

InLight Telecom - test system for Passive Optical Networks

FTTH & PON test system offers a breakthrough technology to reduce the cost of insta ...

Remote Fibre Test System

Remote Fibre Test System

Lancier FAMOS

Monitoring tasks in the outside plant often are tackled as isolated solutions. Modern systems hav ...


If water penetrates into joints or termination boxes, e.g.
through damage of the cable she ...

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