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Fibre Stripping

Good fibre strippers are essential in preparing optical fibres for splicing and direct termination. The stripping action should remove fibre coating without damaging the glass and ideally should not touch the glass at all. Traditionally mechanical stripping tools are used but there may be better options such as heat stripping or chemical stripping. The nature of the coating will often dictate the technique used. The following section shows specialized stripping machines.

How to Strip Optical Fibre

Optical fibres have different coatings that, when splicing, have to be stripped without damaging the surface of the glass. Each coating can require a different stripping technique and applying the wrong tool to the coating can damage the fibre and lead to weak splices that will fail.

Heat Stripping of fibres improves the strength of a fusion splice

A heated fibre stripper can be used to minimise fibre damage prior to splicing. Traditional metho ...

Heat Strippers

A range of Heat Strippers for removing fibre coating without causing damage to the fibre

Window Stripper

The Ilsintech Window Stripper is used in production of Fiber Bragg Grating(FBG) Sensors, Optical ...

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