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Fibre Cleaving

Cutting a fibre at 90 degrees is essential for low loss fibre splicing. The quality of the cutting tool or cleaver is paramount and a variety of cleavers are available with different performances. A high quality blade is essential along with a precision mechanism that is easy to use and clean. Regular cleaning and simple maintenance of the cleaver is important. In this section you will find details of cleaver types and advice on cleaving techniques.

Cleaving Tools

Cleaving Tools

Swift CI-03 Cleaver

The CI-03 is the best cleaver for field technicians, it is compact and easy to use and the single ...

Cleaver Swift CI-01

The Ilsintech Swift CI-01 is a low cost precision cleaver that gives superb results suitable for ...

Swift CI-02 Cleaver

The CI-02 is the best cleaver for laboratory and R&D applications. It is compact and easy to ...

Fujikura CT-30

CT-30 series

High Precision Fiber Cleaver in 3 steps: 1. Blade setting, 2. Fiber Placing ...

Cleaver Stripper Cleaner

A fibre stripper, cleaver, cleaner, heat shrink, visible source and meter combined in one tool al ...

Cleaver Replacement Blades

A wide range of cleaver blades suitable for Ilsintech cleavers

Ilsintech Cleaver Blades


High Quality Precision Blades for Ilsintech Cleavers,  £77 (1 to 5)


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