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Cybercrime Security

Cybercrime is an increasing problem for network managers but with MNIS™ you have a powerful tool to identify who is attacking your network and threatening your company’s security. Today’s network security issues are diverse and complex. Rapid innovation and installation of new applications, devices, and protocols complicate this environment allowing cybercrime perpetrators new ways to exploit information, disable networks, and facilitate offensive cyber security activities. Mantaro’s MNIS™ product family addresses these complexities and is architected to scale and maintain pace with the innovation of new technologies. It also allows access to both real-time and historical information.


The Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™) is a system that observes packet traffic traversing a network connection at an observation point, and composes observations/results in the form of IPFIX metadata and packet content (Email bodies, Attachments, VOIP RTP streams, etc.) that are sent via a separate network connection to a collection point. The MNIS™ performs Deep Packet Inspection at the observation point, decodes the observed traffic up to the application layer and extracts desired information at the application and intermediate layers as elected by the operator of the MNIS™ device. An operator configures the MNIS™ device in order to identify the information of interest and the destination to which that information should be conveyed. The MNIS™ graphical user interface allows the operator to monitor the status, configure its operation, and perform administrative functions.


The Exporter is the workhorse of the Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™). It per ...


The Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™) Collector is a software application that ...


The Exporter is the workhorse of the Mantaro Network Intelligence Solutions (MNIS™). It per ...

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