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For testing Chromatic Dispersion in optical fibres the CMA 5000 CD/OTDR measures the chromatic dispersion, dispersion slope, and the zero-dispersion wavelength of any fiber type to allow optimized compensation. The CMA5000 Polarization Mode Dispersion (PMD) application characterizes the data rate capability of each fiber, quickly identifying which fibers are capable of providing higher data rates. For Optical Spectrum Analysis in the field the CMA5000 OSA400 and OSA425 offer highest performance in a field instrument. OSA 425 is the optimized cost OSA and OSA 400 gives the highest performance for your WDM system and provides lab specifications in a rugged field module. With best in class ORR, this OSA can compute OSNR measurements with very high accuracy. The unique flat top filter can drop signal up to 40Gb/s to do transport analysis. For component OSA measurements the MS9740 is best choice. This analyzer has the dynamic range, reception sensitivity and sweep speed required for measuring the characteristics of a wide range of devices.

Chromatic Dispersion

Chromatic Dispersion

CMA5000 Chromatic Dispersion / OTDR Application

The field portable CMA5000 OTDR/ Chromatic Dispersion (OTDR/CD) measurement system is a dedicated ...

Polarization Mode Dispersion

Polarization Mode Dispersion

CMA5000 Polarisation Mode Dispersion

The CMA5000 PMD application increases revenue through complete PMD characterization, to optimize ...

Optical Spectrum Analyser

Optical Spectrum Analyser


 A high performancel benchtop Optical Spectrum Analyzer for measurement of passive optical d ...

CMA 5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis Application

NetTest's CMA 5000 Optical Spectrum Analysis application (OSA) lowers DWDM installation and maint ...

Information Notes CD, PMD & OSA

Information Notes Dispersion measurement and Optical Spectrum Analysis

Optical Amplifier (EDFA) Characteristics Evaluation

The development of erbium-doped fiber amplifiers (EDFA) in the latter half of the 1990s supported ...

Dispersion in Fibres

Dispersion in optical fibers limits the quality of signal transmission. Both CD and PMD must be m ...

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