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Setting up to install fibre networks can be daunting so we make it simple with hire packages that won’t break the bank. Fusion Splicers, OTDRs, tools & cleavers - everything you need to deploy a fibre network - including the latest PON FTTH products from Anritsu and Fujikura. We offer short term rentals so if you only need a splicer or OTDR for a day or two that is all you pay for. When you hire a splicer, the cleaver and preparation tools come with it. When you hire an OTDR the right test cables are included. Simple! Each product comes with an easy to use guide so that you can become quickly familiar with the operation.

Splicer Hire

FSM60s FSM18s

FSM18s Hire

Fixed Vee groove splicer - ideal for standard splicing of singlemode and multimo ...

FSM60s fusion splicer Hire

Core Alignment Fusion Splicer - ideal for splicing difficult singlemode fibres a ...


MT9083 or MT9090


Anritsu Mini OTDR  Long range 42/41 dB 1310/1550 nm single mode & 29/28 ...

MT9090 OTDR Hire

If you are looking for a low cost OTDR hire solution but don't want to compromise on performance ...

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